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***TXRG’s Rec League is on Vacation!***

Check back here soon for updates on our Fall Session of 2016. While we are hunting for a new home, we expect to get rolling again in the middle of September. In the meantime, join our private Facebook group to stay in touch with the latest social gatherings/meet ups, street skates, trail skates, local mash-ups and other fun events.

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Texas Rollergirls Recreational League


If you are new to the Rec League, you must register for Level I. 

Level I: The Level I group is for skaters who are somewhat new to skating and have no previous roller derby experience. Skaters should be familiar with basic roller skating skills, such as controlled starts and stops, crossovers on the corners, gliding on one skate, and skating at least 10 laps without stopping. Skaters in Level I will learn the basics of how to play roller derby, including proper falling technique, skating in close proximity to others and safety on the track. There is minimal contact in the Level I group and skaters will not scrimmage at this level. Every new skater, as well as those returning from injury or those who have been off skates for more than one year, is required to initially enroll in the Level I group. Skaters may advance out of Level I after passing a skills assessment and being cleared by the head trainer.

Level II: The Level II group provides a greater challenge to skaters wanting to improve their derby skills and learn more in-depth game strategy within a supportive group environment in which skaters will focus on more advanced skating skills, as well as basic roller derby skills, including blocking, jamming and safe pack skating. Full contact is permissible at this skill level, thus skaters must demonstrate a high level of safety before advancing into this group. Level II skaters must be comfortable with full contact, skate safely in a pack situation and have a basic knowledge of the WFTDA rules and pass the WFTDA minimum skills test. Skaters in the Level II group are invited to participate in Rec League scrimmages.

The Reckoning: Team Reckoning is for skaters at the highest skill level of Rec League, who have the potential to play roller derby at the competitive level. The ideal Team Reckoning skater is looking for a greater athletic challenge and desires a higher level of commitment than what’s currently offered by other groups in the Rec League. Skaters in Team Reckoning will have the opportunity to:

Train with Texecutioners and TXRG’s top trainers
Work on advanced-level skills and more intense training
Gain experience and receive personalized feedback as part of a smaller, more consistent team
Scrimmage against teams outside of the Rec League
Get a taste of the commitment and teamwork needed to be on TXRG’s premiere league

Team Reckoning practices will be twice a week and contain a mixture of drills and scrimmaging. Skaters wishing to register for this group must pass a skills assessment prior to each session and WFTDA Skaters Rules Test. Team Reckoning scrimmages may be scheduled outside of the typical practice times and skaters will not participate in Rec League scrimmages at The Shed.



WFTDA insurance is mandatory, annual charge from 1/1 – 12/31 is $72.50. This will drop to $42.50 on 7/1 for those signing up later in the year and will cover skaters for Rec-League practices for the calendar year.

Note: You must be at least 18 to skate with the Texas Rollergirls Rec League.  Under 18? Please visit our Jr Derby website for more info: